Sean McGuinness

Sean McGuinness
Favourite Pastime

Art has always been a favourite pastime of mine. I’ve dabbled in watercolours for years, but was always “afraid ‘’of oils. About 15 years ago, lying in a hotel room in Boston watching TV, a programme came on called “The Joy Of Painting” with Bob Ross. It really appealed to me, but I could never find the products, i.e, the special brushes, paints, knives etc, until ,about 2 months ago, my wife, Breda, informed me that there was a programme starting on TG 4, called “Irish Paint Magic”, hosted by an artist named David Willis. It was going out twice weekly, and hopefully is to be repeated soon, with a new series to follow. It is a fantastic method of painting, and ,as David says, anyone can do it. Just give it a try! It has brought untold pleasure to me over the last few months, and is a most relaxing way of spending a few hours at a time. The lady who has the franchise for the materials is a lady called Brenda Byrne from Swords, (Her phone no. is:-01-8402761), and she is also a fully qualified teacher in the Bob Ross method.(CRI Certified Ross Instructor). I , myself , have had just 2 lessons, and the paintings you see here are the result. I have some way to go before any of them are hanging in the Tate or the Louvre, but believe me , it is a fantastic hobby, and Brenda shows you step by step, and really simplifies the whole process. The 2 lessons I took were 2 of the most enjoyable days I’ve had, and by the end of each lesson, I had made some new friends, and each time I went home with a finished painting. It’s a whole new world for me, and I look forward to each blank canvas, wondering just what I can create. Try it, you’ll love it!!!

Sean McGuinness

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As you will already have gathered my name is Brenda. I was born in Dublin and live there still. I am a qualified Bob Ross Instructor (CRI) and stock the full range of Bob Ross Products.

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